What A Pool Service Can Do For You  

by Pool Builders on 09-13-2011 in Articles

A pool service can help maintain your swimming pool and protects your backyard investment in your property. Many homeowners decide to take care of their own outdoor maintenance which is fine if they know what they're doing. Unfortunately, it's trickier than it sounds. Keeping a large body of water swimmable will take some diligence as well as chemistry skills on the part of an owner.

Without the appropriate chemical balancing act, going for a swim can become an unpleasant experience. The H2O can become a slimy black lagoon, green swamp or so chlorine filled that everyone's eyes turn bloodshot and sore after a dip. It can also become a breeding ground for bugs and algae. Just say no to yuck and muck in your spa and pool by hiring a professional. Here's what he or she can do for you:

- Service your equipment: There is an array of equipment that will need to be maintained in order to keep your system functional.
o Filter: This is the device that keeps the minute particles cleaned out. It may be a sand filter, Diatomaceous Earth, D.E., or cartridge device. The D.E. type is one made of mesh and coated with the diatomaceous earth. The sand types wear out relatively quickly and must be replaced every couple of years. All three are effective, though, so it will be an individual preference.
o Motor and pump: The pump is motorized and works all the system's components which keep the water clean, such as filters, skimmer baskets and more.
o Skimmer baskets: These are similar to floating colanders which snagslarge pieces of debris floating around.
o Lights: Some pools have lights built in so that night swimming is a safe possibility.
o Water features: Many modern systems have waterfalls, sprays or aerators connecting to the mechanisms in order to provide ambiance and to aid in circulation.

o Testing kits: The liquid should be tested several times a week in order to stay on top of the proper chemical balance. It's best to nip any problems in the bud before the whole thing must be drained to start again.
o Chlorine: Chlorine is a sanitizer which keeps your liquid sparkling clean. Other possibilities include bromine or oxidizers that are used for this purpose.
o PH Balance: Having the levels of alkalinity at a proper level will entail the use of PH balancers such as muriatic acid or soda ash.

-Keeping it clean:
o Skimming: Going over the surface with a skimming device will be one way to keep the crud out.
o Vacuuming: Some vacuums are automatic and work all the time while others are used periodically.
o Draining and backwashing: While a full draining isn't done often, it must be done periodically. Backwashing is a method of partially draining the existing H2O.

Some DIYers prefer taking care of their own home and yard maintenance. If they are knowledgeable and can stay on top of it, that can work. But if they are busy, tend to let things slide or failed chemistry in high school, they may want to hire a professional pool service to protect their investment.

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