What Are the Advantages of Swimming For Fitness?

by Pool Builders on 11-07-2009 in Articles

Due to the fact that swimming requires using your entire body and practically all the major muscle groups it's enormously beneficial as a form of fitness activity. This is particularly true when it comes to benefits for the heart and lungs. Many fitness experts believe that swimming will outdo any cardio fitness machine for effectiveness in general fitness.

One of the drawbacks for activities such as jogging, weight training or even aerobics is that they all put substantial strain on the connective tissues in the body. Swimming does this also but not nearly to the same extent, this makes it excellent for people with injuries to still exercise effectively. If you are overweight, pregnant or recovering from an injury then you should seriously consider swimming as your principal form of cardio exercise.

After just a few weeks of swimming you should notice an improvement in your overall level of fitness, balance and flexibility. It's also known to improve circulation and will go a long way to increasing the amount of energy you feel for each day. Many professional clinics for fitness and weight are equipped with their own indoor pools precisely because they understand how beneficial swimming can be to achieving personal fitness goals.

Water is an essential ingredient of life. Even our physical bodies are composed mostly of water and humans have always felt an infinity with rivers, lakes... the ocean. Swimming puts you in touch with water and is a great way to relieve stress and tension from your life. It's a lot cheaper to swim than to join a gym or invest in home fitness equipment so take advantage of all the benefits swimming has to offer and give it a try soon.

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