What Are the Dangers of Swimming Pools? 4 Key Points You Need to Take Note

by Pool Builders on 03-04-2011 in Articles

Both indoor and outdoor swimming pools are considered great places for young children because they are full of fun and excitements. However, based on the reports done by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the swimming pools are full with dangers. In the past 5 years, more than 400 children drowned in pools and spas.

I am here to share with you some confirmed dangers of using both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Being responsible parents, you are reminded to keep all the following key points in your mind. You need to be extra careful when you allow your beloved kids to swim in the pools. You must make sure that you are always alert.

• 1st Danger: The pool chemicals
Chlorine is always the first thing we relate to the swimming pools. However, until today, many people are not aware that chlorine used for pool cleaning and water treatment may cause negative effects to human beings. For people who are allergic to chlorine, they may suffer from severe injuries such as skin burning, blindness and death. On the other hand, for people who are not allergic, they may also experience some situations like eye irritation, rashes, stuffy nose, etc.

• 2nd Danger: The pool drains
Many parents think that swimming in the pools is always safer than swimming in the sea or river. The pool drains and water suction traps have never come across their mind. In fact, these items may kill their children easily. The drains and the water suction traps tend to cause the children's fingers, toes, hands, feet, swimming suits and long hair to get caught. When the young children are getting stuck, they usually get panicked. They don't know what to do. They try to escape by struggling hard. The moment they struggle, they stand a higher chance to get drowned.

• 3rd Danger: The floatation devices
Almost all public and private pools are equipped with floatation devices. However, many parents do not really check whether the devices available are suitable for their young kids or not because they usually purchase their own floatation devices. Dear parents, no matter how you protect your kids with the floatation devices, sometimes, accidents may occur unexpectedly. The kids may slip out of the devices accidentally and they may get drowned. Do not put 100% trust on any device.

• 4th Danger: The ladders
Young children get injured easily near the ladders and stairs, especially if they swim at night. They do not watch out their steps and as a result, they slip and fall easily when they want to climb out of the water. In order to avoid this, parents should always remind their children to be extra careful.

Seriously speaking, adult supervision is essential. Children who are swimming in the pools without adult supervision are at high risk of drowning. No matter how great the young kids are able to swim, they are exposed to risks if there is no adult or trained lifeguard around the pools. They have never learnt CPR. They do not know how to rescue themselves when they are panicked.

To sum up, when young children are swimming in the pools, the adults must pay 100% attention on them. Focusing their movements in the pools is a must.

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