What Are the Guidelines For Swimming Pool Cleaning?

by Pool Builders on 09-08-2009 in Articles

Swimming pool cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance of a swimming pool. You spend huge dollars behind the pool and it is extremely gratifying when you get to laze in the water. But buying of the pool is just the beginning. Its maintenance has to be done regularly.

Prevention is better than cure. Besides it is much cheaper and easier to prevent than fix a corroded or cracked pool. So always take care of your pool regularly. Here are a few guidelines which you can follow in swimming pool cleaning.

A pool is not much different from a spa or a hot tub in the aspects of cleaning. Routine cleaning is a very important aspect of swimming pool cleaning. The filters have to be changed regularly. During the swimming season the ph level of the water has to be checked regularly.

Maintaining a proper water balance is very important. You should also ensure that there is a proper circulation system in your pool. These are the main steps for the cleaning of a swimming pool. Once you follow these steps, half of your work has been done. Chemical considerations depend on how much of the pool you use during summer.

It is very important to sanitize your pool. The health of the pool users depends on how clean the pool is. In most cases, chlorine is used for this purpose. It kills bacteria and other harmful agents in the pool.

Chlorine feeders are available in shops that deal with pool accessories. If however, you do not want to use chlorine feeders, you can buy it and then mix it with water and apply to the pool. Do not add it all at once but introduce it gradually lest any chemical reaction occurs.

You can also use bromine in place of chlorine. If you have a sensitive skin or do not like the odor of chlorine then bromine is the way to go. But it costs a lot as compared to chlorine.

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