What Are the Various Swimming Pool Problems That You Might Have to Face?

by Pool Builders on 09-22-2009 in Articles

There are a lot of swimming pool problems that can affect the beauty, environment and quality of your pool. It might be quite difficult to ascertain the real cause behind these problems as they are varied in nature. However 90% of the problems in swimming pools are related to water. Generally pools with clean water have fewer problems. In this article, we shall discuss some of the problems that plague swimming pools and their solutions.


Growth of algae is one of the most common problems of swimming pools. Filters can be blocked by this plant and it may lead to a slippery surface. Due to the presence of the algae, the water becomes dark green in color and cloudy. The base of the swimming pool can become black in color.

This problem can occur if the chlorine levels in the pool have dropped down or if the pool has not been maintained properly. The solutions lie therefore in giving what the pool lacks: a proper dose of chlorine and algaecide and brushing the areas where the algae exists. If you do not want this problem to occur again, you should maintain a minimum 3 ppm dosage of chlorine in the water and use a mixture of algaecide and chlorine if the problem persists.

Cloudy Water

There can be many reasons for this swimming pool problem. One of them is the presence of algae. Low chlorine levels and improper filtration may be other causes. The other cause might be very high ph levels. Now if the problem is occurring due to the poor presence of chlorine, then you will have to increase its level. If however, the reason is high ph, then you will have to lower its level with dry acid. Always try to maintain a ph level of 7.4.

Irritation of Skin

If you have burning eyes, or a sore throat or skin irritation after bathing in the pool then it might be either due to high or low ph levels. An increase in the number of chloramines can also be a reason. If ph level is high, dry acid should be added to water. If ph level is low, soda ash should be used. The amount of free chlorine in the pool water should also be kept in check.

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