What Can A Solar Pool Heating System Do For Your Pool?

by Pool Builders on 02-24-2011 in Articles

Many swimming pool owners have installed heat pumps as part of the set up and construction project. With the advances in technology these are more efficient and effective than they were only a few years ago.

The part of the country in which you live will usually determine whether you will want one installed for your swimming pool. A heat pump will make your pool swimmable for more months of the year. In the past, heating your swimming pool with a heat pump could have really added to your electric bill and the cost might have precluded home owners from running it for too many months of the year.

The most cost efficient - and environmentally friendly - way to keep your swimming pool warm is through the use of a solar swimming pool heat pump. A solar heat pump takes the heat from the air and heats the water. Compared to gas, electric or oil heat, solar heat pumps cost less to operate and that makes them a more attractive option to many pool owners. Even for swimming pool owners who live in the more temperate areas of the country might opt for one as it can keep the pool warm even on those cooler nights.

A solar heater works the same as other types - you choose the temperature you want your pool warmed to, set the thermostat it will heat to the level you choose and shut itself off. Solar pool heating systems include:

  • A solar heat collector through which the pool water is circulated and heated by the sun.
  • Filter. The filter removes the debris from the water before it is circulated through the solar heat collector.
  • Pump. The pump pulls the water into the filter and collector and then pumps the warm water back into the swimming pool.
  • Flow control valve. This is either an automatic or manual device that diverts the pool water through the solar collector

Installing a solar pool heating system for your swimming pool can bring with it a semi-hefty price tag - between $3,000 and $4,000. With that said, though, a solar heating system usually pays for itself within a period of two to seven years in saved electricity costs. Also, a solar heat pump will last longer than the other heat pump types.

If you're looking for a way to take advantage of the sun to heat the pool water and cut back on your utility bills as they're associated with pool ownership, you might want to look into a solar heat pump.

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