What Can Be the Finest Solution to Heat a Pool? Is It Gas, Electric or Solar?  

by Pool Builders on 12-16-2012 in Articles

With a swimming pool heater set up in your pool; certainly it will bring an enjoyable experience. This will bring more relaxation as well as satisfaction that you have never experienced in your whole life. It's very common these days that people who own a swimming pool make use of heaters. Maybe this is also the best time for you to have one. There are essentially three main kinds of pool heating options available - solar, gas, and electric. The question is which one are you going to pick? But, before everything else, it is vital for you to know them a little more, so here are some of their features.

Solar Pool Heaters

This kind of pool heater is designed for leisure use and is the most cost-effective way of heating your swimming pool. As it uses the free energy from the sun, there is no doubt that you will have an effective heating provider all year round to make your swimming events more fulfilling.

A solar pool heating system works by way of black polypropylene panels designed to take in solar radiation. The pool's water is then dispersed through the series of solar panels to provide the warmth you require based on your preferences.

However, there are times when this heating system is not able to supply adequate heating, particularly when the rainy seasons strike in. But then again if you're looking for an effective heating system that will not cost you a lot the entire year round then its this system you must have.

Gas Pool Heaters

Gas heaters are the ideal options when you are considering to heat your solar heating pool for just a short period of time. This is also very efficient in providing and maintaining the heat that you desire for the pool. A gas pool heater is really efficient in heating whatever time of the year it is, even in cold seasons where some of your buddies all of a sudden comes to visit you. The problem is the operational cost in running a gas heater is extremely costly. This will definitely cost you some fortune if used the whole year as propane is sold at $3 per gallon in the market these days.

As of now, the best suggestion in making use of a gas heater is only as a backup heater to complement a primary solar heater or pool heat pump.

Electric Pool Heaters

Do you know how the central air conditioning system works? Basically, an electric heat pump works like that but, the other way. An air conditioning system actually takes away the heat from a certain room or home and disperses it out. But, the electric heaters do it the other way round. It actually sends the heat from the outside air towards the swimming pool.

One great benefit of an electric pool heater is the fact that it is priced a little lower than the gas heater and it can provide heat any time you wish. But the main problem is, they use electrical energy, and the expenses could possibly surge in the years to come.

Keeping your pool warm at any given time of the year can all be supplied by an efficient pool heating system. However, it completely depends upon your needs, location, and funds upon which kind of pool heating system you'll choose.

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