What Costs Are Involved When Building a Swimming Pool?

by Pool Builders on 08-13-2009 in Articles

Many people decide to add a swimming pool to their property for a variety of reasons. Whether it is for a place that the whole family can enjoy and relax by or to simply add extra value to a property, a pool is without doubt a fantastic addition to any household.

On first thoughts, many believe swimming pools are massively expensive and unaffordable to a lot of people. As this is so often the case, it is best to look at all the costs involved in the various types available before making a decision to whether or not one can be afforded.

The costs involved when building a pool do vary considerably and assuming permanent solutions are looked at - temporary or above ground solutions are available for under $1,000 - the owners are going to be looking at a minimum of several hundreds of dollars, right through to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the exact specification and how much work the owner is willing or able to carry out themselves.

If the pool is to be built into the ground, the initial cost for many is the digging and excavating of the soil for the area where it is to be situated. Whilst a company would factor this into their price, if installing a DIY pool, prices for machine hire and the removal of the soil after excavation must be considered.

To ensure prices remain as low as possible at this stage, the pool should be planned to be built on as flat as surface as possible, without the need to move any underground pipes or cables. The more work that has to be done on top of excavating a straightforward hole, the more expensive the work will be, particularly if paying a company to carry out the work.

Once the area has been dug out, the type of pool that is required will be the next major cost. Pools are available in a range of different materials and styles; from the traditional block and liner through to the easy to install fibreglass shell and each have their benefits and detriments, as well as varying price tags.

To ensure the correct type is chosen, extensive research is recommended and where possible, advice from a professional should be sought.

After the cost of the actual pool has been factored, as well as any installation costs, the remaining costs are for the accessories, equipment and decoration for it. For example, the filter and chemicals for use in the water may need to be purchased, as well as ladders and any poolside furniture or finishings that are desired.

It is almost impossible to give an exact cost for the full work involved in adding a swimming pool to a property. A full, in-ground DIY pool can cost from approximately $10,000 from start to finish, but if a company was paid to carry out this work, then $25,000 is a more realistic minimum price.

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