What Exciting Things Can I Do With My Dog?  

by Pool Builders on 09-25-2009 in Articles

Tired of just walking your dog or playing ball with him in your yard? There are far more exciting things you can do which will provide both you and your dog with a sense of fulfilment and enjoyment.

Activity holidays
If you enjoy this sort of thing, look in the dog press for details of organised holidays that you could possibly attend with your dog.

If you fancy something less structured, how about taking your dog on holiday with you? Many hotels, self-catering accommodation, caravans and camp sites allow well-behaved dogs. Make enquiries first to ensure that your dog is allowed and that the place will be suitable for him.

Friends' dogs visiting
If your dog is sociable, try having a friend's dog over for a few hours. Ensure that the dogs are good friends away from the home first. Then take care. Some dogs are territorial around their own home. If there are problems, abandon the idea. However, if it works, it can be great fun for the dogs and a useful idea if you are out for the day and would like someone to look after your dog.

Many dogs love swimming. If the idea of a cold river does not appeal, make investigations to find out if there is a 'dog swimming pool' within travelling distance. These specially heated pools offer a safe place for water fun and are extremely good for some dogs who have to be careful about exercise. Speak to your vet if you are unsure about whether this is suitable for your dog.

PAT dogs
There is a charity called Pro-Dogs which has developed an idea known as Pets As Therapy, or PAT Dogs. These are pet dogs who have been specially assessed. They then visit nursing homes, residential homes, hospitals and similar places with their owners for the residents to meet and stroke the dogs. Owners find this highly rewarding, the residents have the opportunity to spend time with a friendly dog, and the dogs are made to feel wonderful.

These events are held at some greyhound racing stadiums and are open to all dogs. They are purely for fun and are entirely separate from the serious greyhound races.

Stay at home
Simply stay at home and enjoy comfort and warmth with a sleepy dog to keep you company. Dogs are great fun - you don't always need to rush around all the time, simply enjoy being with your dog!

Things for your dog to do without you
Although quality time with your dog is important, you cannot spend all your time with him. Therefore, giving him things that he can enjoy without us is important. There are many toys or safe bones that can be stuffed with food which your dog can enjoy licking out. Try rubbing the toys first with something sticky and flavoursome, such as soft cheese or peanut butter.

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