What Happens If You Neglect Your Swimming Pool Maintenance?

by Pool Builders on 10-14-2009 in Articles

Having a swimming pool in your back yard can be a real luxury and can prove to be a godsend in the hot weather. It is also a great way of making sure you have kids who are water confident and can swim well, which gives you peace of mind when you are not with them. However, there are things you need to do to maintain your pool, and you really must make sure you carry out these pool services.

One of the key things that needs to be maintained to avoid any pool damages is care of the water level, and this is important for various reasons. You do not want the pool to over flow, which can happen in times of heavy rain. It is important to consider either having a pool overflow system which works like a normal overflow and allows the water to drain away, or to get a leveling device fitted, which monitors the level of water and will add more water if needed or allow some to drain if the level gets too high. This isn't an overly expensive device, and will need to be attached to a water supply, for example the garden hose, and can save you a fortune in pool damages.

There is a serious pump problem that can occur should the levels drop too low. It can mean that the pump is running dry, in effect when it should be fully submerged in the water to work properly. This can basically render the pump useless, meaning you will have to call in a specialist to put right the electrical damages, which will mean a hefty repair bill. This is why water levels need to form an important part of your pool services. You certainly want to avoid the pool becoming completely empty, as this then leaves the insides of the pool open to the elements where they can easily suffer from damage when not protected by the water. Damage to the sides of the pool again can be hugely costly. If the structure is compromised you have a leaking pool that struggles to maintain water, and a massive water bill trying to keep the levels constant - definitely to be avoided, not to mention the damage that can occur with the pump and filtration system if the water levels vary too much. This could take a huge chunk out of your savings to repair, and is easy to avoid.

Taking care of the main drain is a key aspect of pool services. You need to make sure there is no damage to the cover, as if this is broken or removed, debris can get into the system. This in turn causes the pipes to block up, leading to a build up of pressure that can also lead to catastrophic system failure. Finally, remember that the pool needs the water to be flowing and circulating for several hours a day to keep healthy, so keep an eye on the timer clock to ensure that it is working well. Following these tips should make for a safe and healthy environment free from pool damages!

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