What Is A Pool Skimmer Basket?

by Pool Builders on 04-13-2011 in Articles

A pool skimmer basket is a basket which filters and catches anything that can be harmful to the pool pump. These can be floating toys, leaves, debris, insects and basically anything that it catches. The skimmer basket perhaps plays one of the most important roles on a swimming pool as it safeguards the safety of your pool pump by keeping any debris from passing to the main pump.

Skimmer baskets vary in shapes and designs depending on their type and brand. Some companies manufacture round-shaped while some prefers square-shaped skimmer baskets. However, it has nothing to do with its capability on catching stuffs. Although some of these baskets are fancier than the others.

You can find these placed on a cut out area on the wall around your pool. The process of cleaning and clearing them are simple and very easy to do. You can do this by lifting a lid on the side of the pool, remove the basket and clear the debris and put it back inside and close the lid. Yes it's as simple as that but this should not be overlooked as the working capability of your pool pump and pool filter depends on the skimmer basket.

You should always check them and remove whatever it catches to avoid clogging. Daily maintenance of the pool skimmer basket is a must and you should not wait till it gets full before you clean its contents. The more often you use your pool, the more often you should also check and remove the debris on your basket you'll find out that there are many that are gathered. A regularly cleaned skimmer basket helps keep your pool filter and pump system working at its best. You can add something on the basket to further enhance its ability as hair strands and smaller debris can't be caught by it, which can get through and will eventually clog the pool pump. Don't get surprised if you happened to see a frog or small creatures when you get your skimmer baskets as sometimes they tend to get trapped inside. You should remove them immediately. They will result in the clogging of the skimmer basket and worse is that some of them will eventually die and infect the water.

In case your skimmer pool basket is damaged and needs to be replaced, you can always do it on your own. All you have to do is disconnect the power from the pool pump, hold the skimmer down and rotate clockwise till it unlocks to remove the basket. You won't be able to pull it if you don't unlock it. Now you can put your new basket and lock it back. After everything is all set, you can now reconnect the power to your pool pump. Switch back on your pool system so that it can resume its work. The same kind of maintenance should be applied to your new skimmer basket. By doing this, you will also prolong the life of your pool system.

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