What Is Exempted From Pool Safety Standards  

by Pool Builders on 04-13-2011 in Articles

Many governments continually revise the pool safety standards in order to make swimming a safer experience especially for younger children. All pool owners are required to have complete building and pest inspections Brisbane carried out to ensure that all required standards are completely followed. In certain situations there are exemptions provided to pool owners. To avail the exemption, the pool owners have to qualify for it by providing adequate evidence and documentation. Different regions have different laws and complete information of these is very important for proper implementation of the laws.

The exemptions to pool safety are provided for those people who have a disability. In this case the general pool fencing standards will not prevail. For example, it is required by law that the pool gate should open away from the pool but, in case of disability the person may apply for an exemption to allow a gate that opens towards the pool. For the prevention of younger unsupervised children gaining access to the pool area, the authorities may impose certain other conditions they consider appropriate. This factor will be carefully inspected by the pool inspectors before acceptance of the application.

To lodge the application for exemption from pool fencing standards, the following information needs to be provided:

=> A form explaining disability of the pool owner and extent of the disability

=> Medical evidence supporting the disability

=> Whether the person has a full-time carer

=> Whether the person uses the wheelchair, and if so, can that be moved unaided

=> Explanation of the pool fencing standards that prevents the person from entering or exiting the pool area

=> Explanation of the alternate measure that can be taken for the younger children gaining access to the pool area.

In the event that the disabled person no longer occupies the premises, or ceases to have the disability, the regular pool safety standards have to be reinstated.

Another form of exemption is the impracticality exemption. This can be obtained when the building or part of the building is being demolished or renovated. It can also be obtained when changing the location or size of the pool. For the impracticality exemption, the description of the part of pool safety standard that needs to be excluded and an alternate safety measure is to be provided as part of the application.

Pool inspections are made by the authorities to make swimming pools a safer area for the younger children. Any exemptions to the pool safety standards are carefully inspected before approving the applications so that the chances of accidents can be reduced.

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