What Is The Best Age To Consider Enrolling My Child In Swimming Classes For Children?  

by Pool Builders on 11-15-2012 in Articles

Anyone who watches the news or spends time on the internet has likely heard about the benefits of swimming classes for children and the encouragement to enrol your children in them. Classes for even the youngest of babies are becoming more and more common, and now even the American Academy of Paediatrics has endorsed the idea of swimming lessons for toddlers.

The one big question that many parents have, however, is €when?€ When is the best time to enrol your child in swimming lessons? What is the best age? How do you know when they are ready? How soon is too soon? Timing is really a major part of swimming lessons so these are very important questions. Obviously every child is different so there is no one answer, but the following guidelines may help you pick the perfect time.

Bath Time

While it may seem a bit strange, simply watching your child's behaviour during bath time can tell you a lot about their readiness for swimming lessons. If they are happy in the water, play and splash, and don't seem hesitant or afraid, they may be ready for the pool. Children who scream and cry during each and every bath are probably not the best candidates for swimming classes and it may be best to wait awhile. Keep in mind, however, that pool water is much colder than bath water, so you may have a happy baby in the bath who wants nothing to do with the swimming pool.


Every child develops different skills at different paces. Many swimming classes offer instruction for babies as young as four months, but some babies are not at all ready at this age. You'll want to make sure that your baby can sit up easily and has at least some muscle control before taking him to the pool. Watch your baby's physical and emotional development; if she seems confident in her motor skills and her emotions are relatively stable, you could definitely give lessons a try.

Try ItFirst

Before enrolling in formal swimming classes for children, you may just want to take your child to a swimming pool and introduce them to the water to see how they react. Allow them to take their time to adjust and don't force them into the water if they begin to cry or seem afraid.

Many parents will take their children to the pool on a regular basis to get them comfortable in the water before enrolling in formal classes. You know your child better than anyone else so you are the best judge of when they are really ready.

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