What Is Toenail Fungus And Its Treatment?  

by Pool Builders on 02-06-2012 in Articles

Toenail fungus is one kind of living organism which is seen in damp, dark surroundings like under and around nails. It is an infection which is normal on the fingernail and toenails. It is common to see fungus on the toenail because it is captured to dark and damp surroundings. In the severe status, the nails which are affected will have color in yellow or brown. The nails may thick or become brittle sometime. For some people it may be embarrassing and they will also feel pain in that nail. The nail offers a secure covering which helps the fungus to develop underneath.

There are some aspects that allow fungus includes with the trauma to the toe nail, uncommon pH level of the skin, not maintaining good hygiene on the foot, reduced resistance power are the causes to have toenail fungus. Toenail likes to develop in the moist places that involve public places like swimming pools, showers, locker rooms. If you use sandals or water shoes, it will assist in maintaining your feet from contacting the floor straightly. There are certain swimming pool area contain little wade by pools which assist to place the toenail fungi in monitoring. After completing your program at the swimming pool, you must wash the feet cleanly and dry the feet are very much necessary. It is good to use pure cotton and wool socks, since they contain the feature to absorb the moisture from the feet and offer better ventilation. The socks which are synthetic should be used; they are not having the character of absorbing the moisture condition.

The good shoes to use are the one which permits lot of air and moisture exchange. When buying shoes, you have to check air breather holes on both the side and good fit on the feet. If you already suffer from fungi, then it is better to sprinkle effective anti bacterial item like Fusta foot powder in to the shoes. If you know anybody who already suffers toenail fungus, you have to avoid certain habits like using their towels, shoes or other kinds of personal products.

When you maintain your feet dry, the fungus will not grow. You can also use a towel severely to eliminate the dead skin and develop circulation. It is essential to maintain your feet and nails clean regularly. To remove the dirt, fungus which is dead, you can use nail brush. To cure, you can take inside medicines like griseofulvin, itraconazole, and terfinabine. But it is criticized that it cause some other effects like headaches, stomach upset and liver problem. It is better to consult the doctor and get the medicines to cure toenail fungus. To cure toenail fungus in the easy way, you have to cut your nails regularly. Vinegar is used to cure infections. Soaking the feet in the vinegar after cutting the nails is better way to lower the toenail fungus. It will good result if you have initial state, if it is heavier then you have to consult doctor.

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