What Is the Ideal Chlorine Level For Commercial Pools?

by Pool Builders on 03-25-2010 in Articles

That can vary pool to pool.

With that said, pools that have users in for long periods of time such as high schools with swim teams should run about 1.5 ppm. If they run the chlorine ppm too high there is a good chance the swimmers will have problems such as lost hair, bleached suits, etc. However, they shouldn't let the chlorine drop below that.

Low levels are dangerous to bathers, will increase the chance of combined chlorine problems, increase the chance of chlorine odors, increased expense on ancillary chemicals, and most importantly - it is low chlorine levels that kill bathers. The CPO manual published by NSPF sites the Center for Disease Control (CDC) at recommending pool with solid fecal contamination close the pool for 25 minutes if the chlorine level was over 2 ppm. Thus, we believe 2 ppm should be the absolute minimum for most facilities.

Most other facilities should run 3-5 ppm. Per NSPF, if you have solid fecal contamination, you need to close the pool for about a half hour if your chlorine level is over 2 ppm. Thus, 2 ppm becomes the minimum for most pools. We at Commercial Pool feel most pools, especially if they are busy, should run their chlorine between 4-5 ppm. We don't think a pool that runs at 3 ppm will use more chlorine than if they ran the pool at 5 ppm. We also believe pools that run higher chlorine levels spend less money with us because they aren't buying shocking chemicals, clarifiers, algaecides, etc.

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