What Makes A Secure Glass Pool Fence?  

by Pool Builders on 09-12-2013 in Articles

In Australia, one of the most common causes of death or injury in children is drowning. In order to prevent this and keep your kids and pets safe, many people put fences around their pools. However, wooden or aluminum fences may be unsightly and require time consuming upkeep, such as repainting. In order to avoid comprising aesthetics for safety, many homeowners opt for glass fences. Glass pool fences are a wonderful option that provides safety with an unobstructed view of the pool and yard, making it easy to keep an eye on little ones who are swimming and allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted view of your yard.

When looking at glass fences, you have two major options: Semi frameless fencing and frameless pool fencing. While the end products may look similar, the two have some major differences. However, both make secure fencing for your private pool in Rockingham, Perth and Mandurah. But what exactly makes a secure glass fence?

For starters, strong material needs to be secured on either semi frameless or a frameless glass pool fencing Mandurah. The requirements for Western Australia state that the material used must be durable. For a glass barrier, this means it must be impact resistant. Spigots or posts built from stainless steel that is marine grade 316 are a sturdy option.

Secure glass pool fencing Rockingham, Perth, or Mandurah must also be installed so that the glass is standing vertical. If it is slanted, it cannot slant more then fifteen degrees, as stated by local regulations. Obviously, any pool fencing you install must also be stable and not wobble. This means that the spigots and posts must be drilled into the footing and the glass panels attached securely.

Making a secure fence does not just require a stable fence, but also one that is not easy to fall or climb over. To prevent young children or pets from wandering into the pool area unsupervised, you will want to ensure that your gate swings away from the pool. It also must automatically swing shut and latch itself closed. You also want to ensure that the fence is at least 1200 mm (taller than the waste of most children). With frameless glass fencing, there are often spaces between the glass panels. To prevent small children or pets from squeezing through the spaces, ensure that you install each glass panel no more than10mm apart. This is not a concern for semi frameless pool fences, as there are stainless steel posts between the glass panels.

While scaling glass fencing Rockingham is nearly impossible, nearby objects can help. Ensure that no children can climb over the fence by removing objects such as backyard barbeques, patio furniture, or tall plants, such as trees.

Ensuring that your glass pool fencing is secure is a simple but effective way to keep your children and pets safe while still enjoying all that your backyard has to offer.

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