What Makes a Patong Condo Rental Worth the Money Spent?  

by Pool Builders on 02-03-2012 in Articles

The beautiful city of Phuket has something for every traveller. From solitary travellers to adrenaline junkies and from honeymooners to family vacationers, Phuket has a host of attractions that will suit any taste and budget. When we talk about Phuket, we surely cannot ignore its beautiful beaches One of the best ways to enjoy Phuket is to stay at a Phuket condo that is located amid picturesque settings €" with a backdrop of the beach on one side and serene mountains on the other €" whilst also being at a close distance from other major attractions in the city.

The Patong beach is the indeed the lifeline of Phuket. Replete with accommodations, entertainment hubs, restaurants and shopping centres, this 3.5 km long beach that spans almost the entire of Phuket on the western side has been the hot-spot for tourists from all across the world. The sheer beauty of the beach coupled with the friendly climate makes it one of the most sought-after locations, especially when it comes to looking for an accommodation. It is famous for numerous stylish, modular and comfortable Patong condo rental options that make one's stay in the city a sheer delight. Most importantly, tourists also opt for Patong condo rental options because it is cost-effective as compared to most hotels in Phuket that have steep tariffs.

The concept of renting a Phuket condo instead of a hotel room is fast picking up. With more and more travelers opting to save money on accommodation so that they can splurge on sight-seeing, shopping and enjoying other attracts in Phuket, the popularity of both short term Patong condo and long term Patong condo for rent is building up at a fast rate. But that is not the only reason why any tourist would choose to stay in a Phuket condo for rent. A condo for rent Phuket indeed makes one's stay more comfortable and value for money.

Let us take a look at the host of features that a short term Patong condo or a long term condo for rent Patong offers to a tourist looking for a budget-friendly luxurious accommodation:

€ A €being at home feeling': the one problem with hotel rooms is that there are a number of formalities to take care of and a dozen rules to follow. Would you like to bother about all this even while you are vacationing? Absolutely not! A Patong condo rental actually allows you the freedom to live the way you want without bothering about little things and €to-dos'. At the same time, a Phuket condo is also replete with all the facilities that you may require. From large, spacious bedrooms and fully fitted bathrooms to self-serving and well-stocked kitchens, you will surely experience a feeling of being at home, with all the luxuries that you are used to being at your disposal!

€ Great connectivity: If you are in Phuket for business you would obviously want to stay connected with your clients, business partners, colleagues as well as with the rest of the world. Almost every decent Phuket condo for rent will offer you the facilities of free high-speed 300Mbps Wi-Fi so that you can be in touch with your contacts at all times. But the connectivity does not stay limited only to the virtual world. Since these Patong condo rentals are located centrally and can be accessed from any part of Phuket with relative ease, they also make travelling around the city a lot easier and cheaper.

€ Extravagant luxuries: from fully equipped gymnasiums and fun kids' pool to large swimming pools with self catering swim up pool bars and even maid service, a Patong condo rental will surely spoil you with its long string of luxuries made available to you at absolutely no extra cost at all! Can you even imagine availing these delightful luxuries without being required to pay extra for them at a hotel?

€ Supreme privacy and lots of space: if you are a honeymoon couple who wish to spend their time in absolute privacy and company of each other, a beautiful and spacious Patong condo rental can really add a sparkle to your special, intimate moments of togetherness. No need to feel stuffy in restrictive hotel rooms. Enjoy your privacy in spacious Phuket condo for rent and make your honeymoon a retreat to remember!

Yes, a Patong condo rental indeed offers all these facilities at a fraction of the price you would pay for renting a hotel room. Why spend money on dreary hotels that have fixed check-in and check-out times, a host of regulations that you are supposed to follow and steep rate cards? If you want to make the most of your vacation and want to enjoy your stay in Patong with complete peace of mind, check-in at a Patong condo or a Phuket condo. The experience will indeed be worth the money spent!

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