What Pool Contractors Want You to Know About Pool Maintenance?  

by Pool Builders on 10-01-2014 in Articles

Properly caring for your pool will not only extend its life, it will also save you money. Pool contractors in Fort Worth know that finding and fixing pool leaks is the number one way to ensure the health of it for years to come.
Finding Pool Leaks
How do you know if your pool has a leak? Unlike plastic kiddie pools, a leak may not always be so obvious. It's not as if it will empty out overnight signaling a problem. In-ground and above-ground leaks happen slowly over time and if left alone can cause significant damage not only to the pool itself, but to your lawn and even your home.
One of the best ways to determine if you have a leak is to pay close attention to your pool's water levels. Most of it will lose a small amount of water from sun absorption and splashing that occurs with normal usage. Pool owners should be concerned when the need to add water becomes excessive or on a daily basis.
Other Signs of Problems
While water loss can certainly provide you with clues that there is a leak somewhere in your it, there are other signs and symptoms that owners should pay close attention to. Here are just a few examples that could indicate you have a problem:

  • Air bubbles in the pool line
  • Pump equipment does not prime properly
  • Soggy sections around the pool
  • Pool deck sags or lifts
If you notice any of these indicators, it is important to call a professional leak detection service right away.
Pool Leak Detection
Once you determine that you may have a pool leak, it is important to call a professional leak detection service right away. These services have the proper tools and equipment to identify the problem quickly and make immediate repairs to prevent further problems from happening.
So, how do you find a leak detection service? First, call your pool contractor. If your pool is new, it may still be under warranty and you may require particular contractors to make the necessary repairs to avoid invalidating the warranty.
Pool owners that own older pools or those that inherited a pool when they bought a new home are better off calling a plumbing service. Plumbing companies often have specialists on staff or independent contractors that are certified in pool leak detection.
Whomever you choose to provide you with leak detection services, it is important that they guarantee their work and come with impeccable references. A pool is an investment and should be treated as such even when hiring someone to perform leak detection services.
DIY Leak Detection
If you decide to save money and perform your own leak detection testing, make sure to contact one of the many friendly and professional pool contractors in Fort Worth, such as Klapprodt Pools, for guidance. Over-the-phone advice is free of charge and it will point you in the right direction to make sure the tests you are conducting will support the overall health of your pool. But when in doubt, it is always best to call in the experts.

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