What Pool Owners Should Know About New Pool Safety Laws  

by Pool Builders on 07-21-2011 in Articles

When summertime arrives you know it is going to be full of BBQs, fun in the sun and undoubtedly, swimming. If you are among the lucky crowd who has a pool you will understand that this luxury brings a big responsibility. In the past there have been many lives devastatingly lost due to swimming pools not have appropriate safety. In a bid to improve the number of deaths, particularly in young children, the government has released a new set of laws to make swimming pools a more safe place to enjoy. Here is a briefing of what this means for pool owners.

Safety checks and registering. -

An important requirement prior to leasing an investment property or selling to a chosen buyer is the acquisition of a pool safety certificate. This simply implies that before you can take the necessary actions to sell or get your property rented, you must ensure that your pool adheres to the safety laws specified by the state. Unless this is duly complied with, you will not be able to rent or sell your property in a legal manner. Where a body corporate is in place for units and townhouses the body corporate manager needs to organize a pool safety inspection. A pool safety register is kept and regularly updated to contain all properties of owners who have duly secured a pool safety certificate. Such is necessary to ensure that all pool owners comply with the requirements of the new pool safety regulations. Property owners who believe they should already be on the list can check to ensure this is correct. If they find their property is not listed there is a risk being fined an amount up to $2000.00. It is strongly recommended that all pool owners check compliance and registration as soon as possible and rectify any issues quickly.

Know you're right. -

It is very important to be familiar with the new pool safety laws so you don't get caught out. It is not just outdoor pools that the new laws relate to and not just swimming pools. Indoor pools as well as outdoor and indoor spas are also required to meet the terms of the new laws. In fact, any swimming or bathing set up that is deeper than 300mm needs to be enclosed with approved safety fences and gates. Appropriate signage needs to be present and fences need to be free of anything that can aid in climbing.

You can access more comprehensive information from your property management on the new pool laws. Be sure you can enjoy your swimming pool without the drama and get your pool safety checked today.

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