What Should You Consider When It’S Time To Teach Your Child To Swim? We Give You A Few Ideas To Get You Started  

by Pool Builders on 04-10-2013 in Articles

Children learn to swim at lots of different ages so donâEUR(TM)t be surprised if they start to show an interest before you thought theyâEUR(TM)d be ready. As soon as they do itâEUR(TM)s a good idea to jump on it while they have the enthusiasm and get some swimming lessons in place. Teaching a child to swim can be done by the parent but a lot of people prefer to use a qualified swimming instructor to make sure they are taught in the correct way. Here are some things to take into account if your child is ready to take the plunge.

Find A Good Quality Local Pool

The quality of the pool is really important. Not only will you want it to be clean and therefore hygienic, you will also want it to be safe for children with a lifeguard permanently in attendance. A pool that has dedicated swimming sessions for children is great so that they can practise as much as they can without getting in the way of adults that want to swim in lanes. Your pool should be well set up for children with equipment like floats and water toys to play with.

Find A Good Swimming Coach

When you are looking for someone to teach your child to swim make sure they are fully qualified in teaching (as well as competing). You want your child to be in the safest possible hands so itâEUR(TM)s really important that you choose well. Ask any potential teacher what their method of teaching is and how long they expect it to take before your child can swim proficiently. Some teachers teach in groups and others teach individually so find out which one they plan to do. Group teaching can be more affordable, but obviously your child will have less one-on-one attention.

Keep An Eye On Them Learning

DonâEUR(TM)t just drop your child off and pick them up âEUR" stick around in the spectator area and watch how your child is getting on. You will be able to see how they are being taught so that you can follow up their methods when you and your child are swimming alone. Plus, your child will be brimming with pride if you are there watching and they are bound to want to impress you so theyâEUR(TM)ll be trying their hardest.
Encouraging your child to learn how to swim is equipping them with a life skill that they will always be glad they have.

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