What The Best Backyard Pool Features Are Like  

by Pool Builders on 09-18-2007 in Articles

There are now numerous ways to design a backyard pool. A pool owner can change a simple old fashion swimming pool into an amazing swimming sanctuary. New interesting features are being incorporated into the pools of California. These include the infinity edge, waterfalls, natural rock parts, and graduated beach like entries. You will find the newest and innovative water features available today, outlined within this article.

Infinity Edge Pools

One of the most appealing and distinct pool features being integrated today is the "infinity edge", the brainchild of California pool designers. An infinity edge pool has a "negative edge", which means that the water level is even with the edge of the pool on one side. Water is pumped back into the pool after it cascades over this edge and lands in the catch basin. The effect is an amazing one. Your pool will look as if it can "float" above the landscaping in your yard.

Waterfalls, Fountains & Other Water Features

It's the small things that are most important when designing a high-end pool. A swimming pool needs to bring beauty and uniqueness to your backyard rather than simple functionality. Enhancing your pool's design with a water feature, along the lines of a fountain or waterfall, can help accomplish this.
There are many different types of water features. Elevated spas that pour water into a pool beneath them are very common. Other features that you may want to consider are: water spouts shooting across the surface of the pool, a bubbling fountain emerging from a step or shallow area, or a waterfall over rocks surrounded by green landscape. Your swimming pool, by using any of these different water features, will be changed into a posh backyard playground.

Rock Features

To add a dramatic effect to the design of your swimming pool, invest in some man made or natural rock features. Use rocks to re-create nature's serenity - whether it be through pebble work in a wall or deck or by using boulders to flank a pool or to create a waterfall. There are endless possible designs of rock for your swimming pool.

Baja Steps and Beach Entries

For decades, every swimming pool included three or four steps down as the expected way into the pool. However, a "beach entry," that gradually descends into the pool's deeper areas, is now more commonplace. A "Baja step" is an element that many pool owners are installing in their pools at home. This is a large rounded step, a few inches to a foot in depth, that allows sunbathers to enjoy the water with out having to get completely wet.

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