What To Consider When Buying A Lifeguard Chair  

by Pool Builders on 06-13-2013 in Articles

A lifeguard could mean a real difference between life and death for swimmers. From their perch on the lifeguard chair, the lifeguard is responsible to monitor whether swimmers are following the rules of the swimming area, be expecting danger, and carry out any necessary rescues and emergency procedures. Any interruption to the lifeguard's focused observation could result in swimming injuries or deaths. The chair that the lifeguard sits upon is designed to enhance the visibility and allow a quick exit off the chair in the event that an emergency develops.

You will want to find a chair with these essential features should you be responsible for the purchase of any lifeguards chairs for use in your area. To start with, find a chair that is comfortable to sit down on. A chair that is uncomfortable can distract the lifeguard from his or her concentration on the swimmers. Next, you need a chair and stand that are sturdy enough to withstand the effects of continuous water exposure. While chairs near a public swimming pool need to tolerate the chemicals used in the pool water, those chairs situated at the beach must be able to stand up to both sand and saltwater.

A sturdy base and steps also need to be looked at when purchasing a lifeguard chair. When the lifeguard must instantly exit the chair to make a rescue, this really is very important. A chair that tips forward or steps that get slippery may result in injuries to the lifeguard and a failed rescue. The lifeguard chair in many swimming situations must be able to hold equipment. Outdoor pools require a chair with a holder for an umbrella. The lifeguard is normally required to keep necessary equipment around them that they will be prepared for any emergencies which the chair will have hooks to allow for that.

Once you have discovered a source of quality chairs with each of the required features, you will also want to focus on selecting the chair that is right for your particular situation. The lifeguard chairs on a beech and those located in a small swimming pool with fluctuate as the needs will be different typically. Examples of this include the range a lifeguard must view and if they will need to look over people's heads. Another illustration involves the difference between a moveable chair and a fixed chair. A transportable chair will be appreciated if the chair is being used at a pool where swimming competitions are held. If the chair can be moved from one spot to another as the sun progresses across the sky, then you can stop the sun from becoming a diversion to the lifeguard. He will be in a position to view the swimming area without the sun shining right into his face.

Be sure to know the precise needs of your swimming pool even before beginning looking at them or purchasing one. Be prepared with the personal preferences of your lifeguards and with knowledge of the legal requirements governing your swimming area. You need to keep in mind that the chair is an investment that you hope can last for many years, so take the time to find a chair that meets your expections. While you want to be aware of your budget restrictions, you also want to have the confidence that your final purchase is a quality chair that aids in the lifesaving services the lifeguard provides.

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