What To Expect From The Pool Construction Process  

by Pool Builders on 01-17-2009 in Articles

Beautiful backyard pools that turn basic space into distinct areas for relaxing, enjoying and having fun are not constructed over night. If you've made the decision to have a custom pool [http://www.serenitypools.com.au/] created, you'll find there is a process that goes along with the purchase. The most reputable contractors are not going to rush a job for the sake of doing so. Instead, they'll take the time to carefully access your needs and desires and put together a plan to bring them to fruition before they even turn a shovel of dirt.
Pool construction involves a rather detailed, step-by-step process when the job at hand is custom and the contractor is topnotch. You can expect the following things to take place all before construction when a reputable contractor is hired:

* Step one - The consultation - Reputable swimming pool contractors will not profess to know your wildest dreams for a backyard pool. Instead, the best will sit down with you and go over major points of the process to ascertain your desires, needs and the particulars of the project. The issues you can expect to be discuss include such things as land space, budgeting, design concepts and construction procedures. It is also likely that a good contractor will want to know your reasons for wanting to have a pool, as these can greatly impact the design.

* Step two - The contract phase - When it comes to protecting you and the contractor both before, during and after construction, this part of the process is a very big deal. The best pool contractors will want to have a legally binding contract signed and a payment schedule put into place before the work proceeds. This is simply a smart thing to do and it does deliver peace of mind along with the signatures.

* Step three - The design period - Aside from the day you can enjoy the very first dip in your new pool, this stage is perhaps the most exciting. During the design phase, the information from your initial consultation is put onto paper to create a plan for the pool of your dreams. Some of the more advanced contractors in the field will not only draw out plans for a pool, they will also offer you the ability to "see" the end design through the use of three-dimensional imagery. When this is offered, take advantage of it. A 3-D design can help you really see what your backyard will look like once construction is completed.

* Step four - Construction - This is the phase that you'll be the most excited about. It involves the actual turning of earth to transform a yard into an entertainment and relaxation centerpiece. Your contractor should go over all the details of what to expect during construction, including scheduling. Remember, an anticipated timeframe in construction is only an estimate. Unavoidable issues, such as bad weather, can have an impact on scheduling.

The pool construction process does not happen in a day. When a custom pool is the desired purchase, expect a detailed process that begins with detailing your dreams and ends with you seeing them come true.

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