What To Take Along To A Beach Or Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 11-17-2014 in Articles

There is a list of things that one needs to take along while planning a visit to a beach or a pool. Taking a dip in the water is as much fun as an activity which needs careful planning ahead. There are many points of concern to keep in mind and take care of while going for a swim. For this you will need,

€Sunscreens, lip balms, cooling gels with high SPF are a must have.
€Don't forget that wide brimmed hat and an umbrella to protect you from the scorching sun
€A refillable water bottle would come in handy in that dehydrating atmosphere
€Next is the sun glasses with UV protection
€Frisbees and small toys keep kids busy and happy
€A large sheet to sit and relax
€Some knick- knacks for the hunger pangs

Apart from all these, a major question is the choice of swimwear that you choose to wear. Personal preferences vary from a two piece to a kneelength swimsuit, whichever makes you look good and feel comfortable. Whether you go for a bold number or looking for more coverage, there are endless options available.

From distinctive colors, shapes, designs, fabrics and price tags, the swim wear is available in a wide variety. The large number of choices is sure to leave one confused and perplexed. But the deciding factor can be the weather and the activity for which you plan to buy your swimming costume.
If you are a swimming enthusiast or want to show off your surfing skills, a wet suit or a swimming suit is a good option. For the young and adventurous types, the stylish and designer costumes are a great option. These include a one piece, a bandeau, a mono-kini, skirtini etc. For a curvy figure, a frock styled costume is apt to hide those love handles and thunder thighs.

The mature women who prefer more coverage and less of skin show, they can choose the kneelength swimwear. It would make them look decent and appropriately dressed for their day in the sun and sand.
The choice of the costume you select for a swim should be based entirely on your body type. For example, for a straight figure, 3d designs and bold prints can help look curvaceous. Ruffles, rings and embellished lowers are a good choice. A line one piece suit or vertical prints would look bad make them appear dandy.

For an apple shape figure, high neck suit or a tankini would solve the purpose. A pear shape can look their best in a skirtini or boy shorts with a dark color. Though an hourglass figure will suit any dress with ease, an athletic or slim frame looks best in a halter neck.

With high advancements and innovations, the swimwear also comes in a range of materials. These exhibit many unique properties. A few of them are:

€ Chlorine resistant
€ Temperature resistant
€ Protection from UV rays
€ Highly flexible swimwear
€ Great elasticity

With such amazing options to choose from, you can surely look gorgeous and make a lot of heads turn.

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