What Type Of Automatic Pool Cleaners Is Best For Your Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 04-21-2011 in Articles

Although almost all automatic water cleaners functions efficiently, you must still choose what type is the best for your swimming pool. The main thing that you should consider is the kind of debris that you want your pool cleaner to clean. Some cleaners are good in cleaning large debris like leaves, acorns, sticks etc. while other are good on cleaning sediments sand, dirt and other small partials.

First thing to do, take a look around your pool and see what kind of debris is usually found in your pool area. Is your swimming pool surrounded by trees? Or maybe, there is a construction going on around your pool and dust and dirt are often blown to your pool area. Once you are certain on what kind of debris you are battling with, the next thing to do is to choose from a pressure pool cleaner or a suction pool cleaner.

Pressure side cleaners are experts in cleaning away leaves, acorns and other large debris. Automatic pool cleaners like this functions by spraying water directly up through a throat then to a net or cloth bag.

You must clean this net or cloth bag once it is full of leaves and other debris. The efficiency of this type of pool cleaner depends on the bag that is attached to them. If the bag is too fine, there is a tendency that the water cannot pass through and if the bag is too absorbent, all the debris that will be caught will just flow back to the pool.

Suction side cleaners are the best in clearing away sand, dirt and sediments. These cleaners are connected to the suction side of the pool plumbing. When sand and other sediments is sucked through the bottom of the cleaner, it is required to travel the length of the hose plus the underground piping o that it can reach the filtering system.

Choosing the right type of automatic pool cleaners is very important because it is the key for the cleanliness of your entire pool area. Be sure to get the one that will best suit the needs of your swimming pool area.

Once you are sure that you had the perfect water cleaner for your swimming pool area, then you are more likely to enjoy the whole swimming pool experience.

What's more? Well the microprocessors of the automatic pool cleaner eventually "memorize" the contours of your pool, and you can leave it do its work, unattended. Yes, you got that straight now, it doesn't require human interference at all.

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