What Type Of Water Feature Is Best For Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 06-15-2014 in Articles

Everyone is getting ready for the warm summer months. One of the most refreshing elements you can add to your pool or back yard is a custom water feature. The sight and sound of a fountain can add a level of excitement or a sense of tranquility, depending on the type that you choose.

Since each type of feature can vary in size, style and cost, it's best to plan for the space that you have and how complex you would like the feature to be. From there it's simply a matter of picking a feature to fit your style and budget. Our creative design team at American Pools & Spas build incredible custom features for pools across Central Florida and can help you select or design the perfect unique accent for your pool and outdoor living areas.

There are several popular types of backyard water features:

- Swimming pool fountains
- Pool rock waterfalls
- Bubbling ponds
- Wall water features

Fountains and waterfalls can stand alone or be incorporated into a swimming pool. Ponds and water fountain gardens add natural elements to your backyard, while pool features enhance the design and enjoyment of your pool.

Different Types of Water Features

Wall Waterfall Stacks: With a design that includes coordinating tile, the same tile as the waterline of the pool or stacked rock around a water feature or along the raised wall, enhances the focal points and helps make it easier to maintain that section of the pool. Wall waterfalls can have a stone or tile-like appearance but are often composed of fiberglass, reducing both weight and the cost to build the water feature.

Pool Rock Waterfalls: Usually mid to large size in scale, cascading rock waterfall(s) provide the perfect backdrop for a lagoon or natural-style pool, adding both visual and acoustic ambiance, especially with tropical foliage planted close by to the rock waterfall. Depending on the width and height, a rock waterfall can also help block out the view and noise from the neighboring area, further boosting the illusion that you're relaxing in a remote oasis.

Fountain Bubblers: Sometimes called foam jets or sun jets, are like mini geysers shooting water up out of the pool floor. Typically placed in a very shallow part of the pool or pond, called a sun shelves or wet deck. Because fountain bubblers are built into the pool's shell, they must be installed during original construction or a major renovation.

Don't forget the Lighting!

Great Lighting Showcases Your Feature

Another feature to consider when adding or building a water features is lighting. Including LED color pool lights to customize the look of your fountain or waterfall will enhance both the design and visual appeal of your pool in the evenings, and is perfect for those nights when you entertain guests on your patio or pool deck.

From strategically placed landscape lights near rock waterfalls to colorful in-pool lights that change the water features hue to enchanting shades of turquoise, lavender and emerald, custom lighting adds dramatic ambiance to any type of water feature and pool at night time. Outdoor lighting also helps illuminate the landscape and walkways so you can safely enjoy your pool long after the sun has set.

Looking for a contemporary design? Check out our portfolio of features for pools. Maybe you'd like a natural look like a pool rock waterfall? We can integrate features among natural rocks and plantings to make your swimming pool look and feel like a tropical oasis. The possibilities are endless, from waterfalls to fountains to ponds - if you can dream it, American Pools & Spas can build it for you!

At American Pools & Spas, all of our contractors and crews are fully insured for liability, property damage and workman's compensation. We're rated as one of the TOP 50 Pool Builders in the nation for a reason - we design, plan and build only the best pools and water features.

If you're interested in custom features for your pool in Orlando or the surrounding Central Florida area, contact us to schedule a Free Estimate, or call us: (407) 847-9322.

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