What Type of Filter Will Do For My Pool?

by Pool Builders on 06-24-2010 in Articles

The value of a pool filter to swimming pool owners is simply undeniable. It is much more like the heart of a pool that helps to keep the pool waters in circulation and keeps it clean as well. Without the most important organ in the body, the pool will die out in no time. Hence there is no second opinion about the purchase of this important equipment for your pool. However, you might be in a dilemma about which one will do for you pool.

All three types of filters could do the job very well - be it sand, DE or cartridge filters. Sand filters have been in use for hundreds of years as the best medium of filtration of water. When water passes through the sand, the water gets cleaned up and only the clear water flows out through the sand particles. You will need continuous maintenance with this kind of filter. This is because as days pass by, the sand will cause the water pressure to drop and filtering would become more difficult with passage of time.

Timely maintenance is the only way to keep it working. For this you need to do 'backwashing' which involves reversing the cycle of normal filtration. Hence even though you can easily fill up sand for replacement every now and then, the time taken up for maintaining this system is quite tedious. The job of backwashing and removal of all dirt manually might seem a huge job for every swimming season.

The pool filter cartridges could be a better option because their maintenance is comparatively very simple. Using paper for filtration, water is pushed through these cylinders to remove all impurities and get clean, pure water. Able to catch even finer particles as compared to sand, the quality of cartridges you replace will decide the durability of the system. Even DE filters are quite expensive and though it is a more natural way, the budget constraint may hold you back from investing in these kinds of filters.

So eventually which type of filter you are going to buy for your pool will depend upon your knowledge and personal reference about these products. The swimming pool filters choice could make a world of difference for you and it is only with the best one that you can earn a crystal clear pool for your self! Though all of them work, it would be better to pick up one that works out better economically and functionally as well.

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