What You Can Do With A Pool Alarm?   

by Pool Builders on 10-03-2010 in Articles

Whenever people talk about pool alarm or pool safety the first thing that comes to mind are watchers or lifeguards. But, technology really has something for almost everything even for still water.

Generally, alarm systems are used in places that deal and handle money like banks, lending institutions or even money changers. As the years go by, the use of these electronic guards and safety devices has expanded. At present, shopping malls, medical institutions, schools and universities as well as government offices find it necessary to acquire and install such devices.

Likewise, alarm systems are not just used to provide security. They are also used now to call for help and notify medical providers. Some devices like navigators or cellular phones may have this kind of function. Health devices also install such features that is why calorie watchers, BP watchers or weight watchers suddenly produce nonstop beeping or sound whenever a person reaches a certain limit.

These facts obviously show that alarm and safety systems are no longer just installed in doors and windows, they can now be installed almost everywhere; and, in places kids love the most, like the swimming pool.

Of course, the need for a swimming pool alarm and safety devices is not just triggered and endorsed by either a commercial or an advertisement. The high rate of accidents and drowning involving kids and even adults makes it necessary for resort owners to provide extra effort by investing to providing safety to their clients. Families with pools in their homes also find it necessary to have swimming pool alarm devices to ensure the safety of their kids even when they are not around.

The following are just few of the popular pool alarm devices that could be use based on different pool alarm reviews.

MG international Sensor Espio

Responding in as fast as 10-20 seconds, this sensor alerts parents that someone is in the pool without permission. Another important feature of it is that it doesn't sound with the wind blowing, which is quite important because parents would not want to respond to a false alarm.

Another interesting feature of this device automatic reactivates after every activation. Automatic reactivation takes place after the water has calmed down.

Aquaguard Pool Alarm

With a response time of less than eleven seconds and without sounding off on the wind test, this device has passed the good housekeeping standard.

Moreover, this device automatically sounds whenever the water becomes calm again which is a very good feature for anyone who forgets to reactivate their alarm system.

Safety Turtle

If your kids love to swim with or without a companion, attaching a pool alarm wristband on their arms is a good accident prevention measure. Devices such as this produce an alarm sound whenever it gets wet so the parents would easily know if their kids jumped in the water unattended.

First Alert 100

Another wristband for kids is the water activated First Alert 100 Safety Band. This band is good not only for swimming pools but for other outdoor activities that involves dangerous bodies of water like lakes, ponds and beaches.

When it comes to pool safety, layered protection is encouraged that is why installing a swimming pool gate or pool fence is also something to consider.

Pool nets or automatic covers are also a good primary protection that would provide peace of mind.

Swimming is a good activity. It is meant to provide fun and fitness, not risk and death. Thankfully, pool alarm devices are there to provide the safety that we seek for our kids while enjoying the water.

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