What You Can Gain From Swimming - Part 2

by Pool Builders on 03-27-2010 in Articles

Previously, I have mentioned some benefits of swimming that you can gain. There are some other benefits that you can gain from swimming. In this part, I will explain about the other benefits of swimming and the things that you have to do before swimming.

Self safety
When you are able to swim, you do not have to be afraid if something unexpected related to water (drowning for example) happen to you.

Releasing from stress
Psychologically, swimming can make your mind more relax. The relax movements that are done in swimming will increase the hormone endorphin in brain. You will have a nice mood and you will have fresh mind.

Before swimming, it is very advisable to do the warming up. This is done in order to avoid muscles cramps. This will also increase the body temperature and the heart beat periodically. Additionally, it is also advisable to do the stretching after swimming. This is done in order to make the body temperature and heart beat do not decrease drastically. You can do it by slow swimming for 5 minutes.

However, swimming also has lack. The only one lack that this kind of sports has is this is not too good for bone health. The non existence of the gravitation when swimming has a bad effect for the bone's mass. To deal with it, you can do the other spots like jogging, walking and biking.

Those are the benefits that you can get from swimming. Thus, do not be too lazy to do swimming. If you do not have your own swimming pool, you can use the public swimming pools that available in your area.

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