What You May Not Have Known About Swimming

by Pool Builders on 10-28-2008 in Articles

Most people usually think of running, weightlifting, and aerobics when it comes to exercising. Although these are the most popular forms of exercise, there are plenty others as well. One of the most underrated forms of exercise is swimming.

Swimming is great for building endurance, fitness for the cardiovascular system, and increasing muscle strength. If you are tired of the sense of stress you receive after performing a vigorous workout or you suffer from an injury that may have happened, swimming is a great alternative. Swimming can also be used as a great way to warm-up before doing a high demanding exercise. It gradually increases your heart rate and muscle activity. It is also great for cooling down after a long, hard workout as well. It can help blood flow to your muscles for recovery and is great for relaxing.

It has also been proven that there are plenty of psychological benefits as far as swimming is concerned. Swimming around calmly with an open mind usually brings about a sense of meditative serenity. Several swimmers have attested to the indirect affects of swimming. Certain research has shown that many swimmers do better in school than non-swimmers. They get a sense of self-worth, self-discipline, and setting and meeting their goals just by spending time swimming.

Despite all of its benefits, swimming does not allow one to lose weight. Although there are plenty of calories that can be lost doing this exercise, once you get out of the pool and back onto solid ground, the burning of calories comes to a halt. Land based exercising can increase calorie-burning even after you are finished. This can go on as long as 18 hours after working out. The reason for this is because when swimming, the body isn't able to heat up as much. This means that the body does not have to cool down once the exercise is finished. Despite the lack of losing weight, swimming is still a great exercise for the body that produces very little strain on the joints.

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