What You Need to Know About Pool Ladders

by Pool Builders on 10-16-2008 in Articles

For safety purposes, you should have a pool ladder installed in your swimming pool. They are used when you are entering and leaving out. They are available for inground and above ground models. The ladders are made out of various materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum and white vinyl, just to name a few.

As far as the color of it, that is irrelevant. Also, there is no need to paint them. They're not necessarily something that would greatly enhance the beauty of it. They are mainly used for safety precautions.

For additional protection, you can get the ones that have anti-skid pads. These pads help prevent you from slipping and falling while you're still wet. The assembly is simple and easy to do and it doesn't take long to put together. You can find them at places where they sell related supplies. You can also check with online retailers.

Both models use different kind of ladders. For inground models, there are at least five steps facing the deck. There is a choice of a platform or it can be placed on top of the deck. Make sure that you know the measurements for your pool.

In order for it to fit securely, the measurements have to be correct. For any inground model (concrete, vinyl liner or fiberglass), it is required to be fastened down at the top and the bottom ends.

With above ground models, the ladders are shaped in the frame of the letter A. They are used more so for getting in it. In order to keep it stationary, they must have water or sand around it. This will keep it from floating around and possibly injuring someone.

For this one, you must also check the measurements for this model. The ladder has to fit just right. However, a few inches over won't hurt it. An issue with using this type is how much the person weighs.

There is a lock and another mechanism where children cannot get trapped between it and the pool. Others have a section that comes up. This is used to keep people from getting to another section.

For instance, the swing up section would be used if you didn't want children going to the other end. There are also some available for people with disabilities. These are made so that the steps will assist them in entering and exiting the area safely and easily.

No matter which kind you get, make sure you get the right kind for your safety and other swimmers as well.

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