What You Need to Know About Salt Water Treatments of Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 04-26-2010 in Articles

One of the most popular pool treatments that is now gaining a lot of attention is salt water pool. Salt water pool has been in existence for quite some time already, but it is just now that it is more utilized. Once you step into a local manufacturer's store, you will probably hear most of the people there talking about changing their current regular swimming pool into a salt water swimming pool. You will also most likely hear them talking about its purpose and advantages and why it is needed. Before being lured by their sweet talk into changing yours as well, you must be knowledgeable enough first and know almost all things about it.

Well, the most convincing advantage of salt in swimming pools is that with this type of swimming pool, you don't need to add the pool supply or pool chemical called chlorine which to maintain your sanitized pool water. However, the fact that you do not need to use chlorine on the pool water does not necessarily mean that it does not contain any drop of it. The fact is salt water pools contain many chemicals besides chlorine. Salt in the water system of the pool is the one that contains chlorine. But because many do not understand this, they would prefer not using chlorine into their pool thus are swayed into having salt water pool.

The amount of the chemicals in the pool is determined through the use of test strips. The electricity used in salt is the one that controls the amount of the chlorine in the pool. Bear in mind that even if having salt water releases you from worrying about chlorine, you still need to watch out for the alkalinity as well as the acidity and the pH level of your pool since these also affect your water.

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