What You Need to Know When Shopping For a Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-20-2010 in Articles

Do your research before buying a pool. What should you consider before buying your new swimming pool?

1. Pool Size

A small block size is no excuse as the range of fibreglass pools start from around 4.5m in length and can fit perfectly into small courtyard areas. If you can't find a fibreglass pool to meet your requirements, a concrete pool will make the most of limited space as its walls can be designed to form part of building structures.

2. Pool Shape and Design

Your pool should complement your house and garden. Consider how your pool will harmonise with its surroundings before selecting one. The look or theme you are wishing to achieve is also important: tropical, Mediterranean, or formal?

3. Pool Finish

It is important when choosing a finish and colour to consider any environmental factors which could affect the pool, especially in terms of fading. There are a couple of excellent products on the market designed to eliminate fading and enhance the colour of your pool including Crystite and Pool ColourGuard - the latest, most technologically advanced non-fading surface protection system available that guarantees your swimming pool will never, ever fade.

4. Filter, Pumps & Other Equipment

Consider the pump size and brand. Where are you keeping the equipment and will it be visible in this position?

5. Access to Your Site

You will need at least two metres width available for bobcat access with at least two metres height clearance. If you don't satisfy the above requirements many pool companies can easily arrange a mini bobcat for you for minimal extra cost.

6. Pool Position and Shire Requirements

There is a general rule amongst most local councils that the distance from your property's boundary must be greater than or equal to the depth of the pool at that point. Be sure to measure up and confirm that the pool model you like is able to be placed in the desired position.

7. Electrical Requirements

How many power points do you need? For example, Aqua Technics pools come with two power points. Most pool manufacturers will allow 40m of electrical run, and anything more will be at an extra cost.

8. Landscaping

How will your pool fit in with the rest of the backyard? It is a good idea to plan your landscaping beforehand to get an idea of what the finished product will look like.

For more information on what to consider when buying a swimming pool, visit poolsandspasonline.com.au.

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