What You Ought to Know About Pool Spas

by Pool Builders on 03-03-2010 in Articles

Everyone wants to have a break after a tiring day. People would just sleep and recover themselves after work or school. While some are hitting the massage parlors and spas to recuperate their strength. Submerging in a spa is an effective way of releasing stress and toxins in the body. The bubbles it provides are like massaging your body and bringing back the waned stamina. Aside from spas, some people tend to use a pool spa. This is not different to the usual spa we know.

Pool spas are like hot tubs because they are equipped with powered jets that produce pressure in the water. They are commonly installed beside or outside the area of an inground pool. Some pool owners install a swimming pool with a pool spa on its side. This is beneficial for them because it only consumes same water. In addition, these two can use one filtering system, heater, and even the vital accessories.

This relaxing tub varies in sizes, shapes, and styles. Don't get confused on what it really looks like. It is made from similar items used in building a swimming pool. The styles are depending on the preference of the owners. Common shapes include circle, square, and irregular shape. Most pool spas handle 400 to 1200 gallons of water and can be occupied with 10 or more people. Just like swimming pools, they need pumps, heaters, and filter systems that help in maintaining their cleanliness and integrity.

Some pool spa owners use additional supplies to maximize the use of their facility. They opt to install the pool spa with hydro jets in order to release air inside the spa. Others are adding a cushion seat since its chairs are made of tiles, which can be a bit uncomfortable on the user's buttocks. Additional spa scents are also used for maximum relaxation.

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