What a Pool Company Should Do  

by Pool Builders on 09-14-2011 in Articles

Who has not dreamed of owning a home that has a serene pool of summer fun right outside the back door? In those dreams we swim, we laugh, we hang out with dozens of our best friend, and we water rendezvous after the kids are in bed. We do not dream of cleaning, opening, closing, maintaining, and repairing. The truth is that having a pool is hard work, but there is a way to enjoy one to the fullest without spending all your spare time trying to upkeep. A good pool company will offer all of those services in addition to installation or building.

We have all heard of opening and closing a pool, and if you are like most, you may think that means taking the cover off and putting it back on. You would be wrong. Opening and closing are two very involved processes that take time, patience, and knowledge. These things can be done by the owner, but with all the cost of supplies and personal time at stake, locking to your pool company for these seasonal tasks if probably quite cost efficient. Not only does opening and closing involve balancing chemicals, cleaning vacuums, storing covers, cleaning, etc. but sometimes a non-professional can really mess up and end up hiring a pool company anyway.

With pool ownership comes a lot of maintenance. Tiles will break, drains will clog, vacuums will go on the fritz, and if you have a good working relationship with the original company, they will more likely expedite your need so that you can get back to summer fun and relaxation. Those who build tend to take better care of their own customers; it is just the basics of business.

A pool company should also have all the supplies you need readily available, and with experts running the business, you can ask someone questions and get the right answers. You will not find that in the aisle of a big chain department store.

A pool company should supply everything you need from beginning to end. They will estimate, install, open, close, maintain, repair, and supply. Not only is trying to find each of those services separately a pain, but it is expensive. If you are, however, and avid do-it-yourselfer, though you may have a lot to learn, your chosen company can teach you and will be there for you when you have questions. You know your children are impatient and can think of nothing more important than having the pool up and running, so do not waster time. Depend on professionals.

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