What is a Salt Chlorinator and Why Should I Have One on My Swimming Pool?

by Pool Builders on 11-30-2008 in Articles

A salt chlorinator is a device which converts standard table salt into sodium hypo chloride. If you are still using traditional methods to sanitize your pool or spa now is the time to review these units.

Pure sanitizer being added to the pool
Sanitizer is being added on a regular basis (daily)
pH neutral chlorine is being produced, helps keep the pool and spa pH in balance
Softer silky water to swim in
No need to store dangerous chemicals

So how do theses units work? The unit is installed in the pump and filter area. There is an inline "cell" which is installed in the piping and power box which is installed on the wall of the home. When the pool or spa pump is running, pool water is sent through an inline cell and the salt in the pool water is converted into sodium hypo chloride. (chlorine or sanitizer) As the chlorine travels back to the pool the process starts over again. The power box or power supply is electrically connected to the inline cell and controls the amount of time and output of the pool sanitizer.

When this unit is installed, how much salt will the pool require? The amount of salt that will be added to the pool will depend on the total gallons of the pool and or spa. Each unit will come with an instruction booklet to advise the amount of salt to add based the amount of gallons of water in the pool. Most units will require 3000 parts per million of salt in the pool

(reference point - ocean water = approximately 35,000 parts per million of salt)

How often will salt need to be added to the pool? The salt in the pool water does not get used up but during normal evaporation and pool water splash out a certain amount of salt will be lost. The amount of salt which will need to be replenished will depend on both of these factors.

Is this a special type of salt? No, This is regular table salt which can be purchased in a variety of locations.

What other chemicals will need to be added to the pool? All the other chemicals which are normally added to a pool and or spa will continue to be added, chemicals which control pH, alkalinity, hardness and stabilizer.

What type of different features do these units have? There are many different brands and models of salt chlorinators on the market today. Each manufacture has several models with a variety of different features. Some of the many features which can be found are:

Automatic salt sensors - displays the amount of salt in the pool
Pool water temperature readout
Automatic shut off of unit if the salt level in the pool becomes to low
Built in time clocks for pump control
Digital readouts vs., manual dials
Boost modes - allows for adding additional sanitizer to the pool

So, is a salt chlorinator necessary for today's swimming pool and spa environments? These units produce the sanitizer needed to keep your pool and spa crystal clear and a health place to enjoy. Installation of this type of equipment will allow for easy addition of the correct amount of sanitizer on a daily basis. Keeping the correct amount of sanitizer in your pool and spa at all times will make for a much happier swimming pool owner.

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