What is the best material for swimming pools?  

by Pool Builders on 05-06-2012 in Articles

Aluminum, Steel or Resin?

When considering the purchase of a swimming pool, there are numerous factors to take into consideration - size, style, safety and even material itself. All are important but the most important is the physical properties of the actual material used in the design and construction of the pool. With the price of consumer products rising, and the economy shifting downward, it's more important now than ever to do your homework and self-educate yourself to make the better purchase decision you can make for you and your family!

Resin pools are usually only 10 - 20% resin-based. The rest is usually aluminum or steel. Resin, which has some similar properties to plastic, does not have the strength to securely hold water. You can be sure that it will fade and crack as the years progress. Usually, the few parts that are made in resin are for cosmetic purposes only.

Steel is a hard, heavy and strong metal. It's highly corrosive and is very severely affected by the cold of winter and the heat of summer. Structures and objects like bridges and battleships are made of steel. However, they must be sanded and painted or the steel will rust. Most people are not aware that even galvanized steel may rust in some areas. Paint will break down over time and you will be left with a pool that's deteriorating. For consumers, this is unacceptable!

With aluminum being a very abundant element in the earth's crust, it is protected by a layer of its own natural, rust-resistant shield. This metal is extremely reactive so when exposed to air, it rapidly becomes covered with a tough layer of aluminum oxide that successfully aids in its resistance of corrosion. Aluminum oxide acts as a barrier or shield when it comes in contact with water. The aluminum and oxygen molecules shift apart from each other. This results in its structure changing just enough to become chemically inert. It is then able to react rapidly with additional water molecules or atmosphere oxygen. Aluminum doesn't tarnish or rust, either. It has an extremely high strength to weight ratio. It becomes stronger and retains its strength as temperatures drop.

SwimmingPool123.com's products are all made of extruded aluminum material, which is powder coated and baked to provide a durable, resilient pearl gloss finish.

All of this is the exact reason why pools like the All-Aluminum EZ Panel Pool has become so popular. In an ailing economy, people cannot settle for sub-par products!

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