What's New In Small Above Ground Pools  

by Pool Builders on 09-12-2011 in Articles

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Above ground pools sure have come a long way over the years from their early beginnings a handful of decades ago. New materials and new manufacturing techniques mean that they're easier to assemble and last longer. Also if you do the math, when factor for inflation today's above ground pools even cost less than they did in years past. However, it's the developments in new accessory items that are turning a lot of heads in recent years.

Check out the amazing new decorative vinyl liners for instance because they've gone through some amazing transformations. Now of course the standard stock pool still comes with a blue liner but you now have new choices in amazing colourful liners in a whole host of new design styles. Faux polished pebble and even incredibly realistic looking ceramic tile appearing vinyl liners look so real that it's almost impossible to tell the difference.

Then kid tested and approved tropical reef pool liners have proven to be a huge hit. All types of fish and sea life festoon the sides and bottom of these crazy liners and the colours are simply amazing. Then best of all, is that with both these styles of liners, the fish and tiles are moulded right into the vinyl so they resist fading and will never scrape or chip off.

Then for decades if you wanted a nice deck to either partially or, fully surround a pool your choices were limited. You either had to head to the hardware store by the materials and build one yourself, or pay someone to do it for you. Or you could buy one of the drab plywood decks. Today though there are great choices in "real wood planking" fabricated decks that you can put together yourself with all the parts included, using only simple hand tools.

Then if you have kids, or even teens and adults that act like kids, you'll for sure need to stock up on a good supply of pool toys and games. Today you have more choices in better constructed product that are made from high tech plastics and foam. Things like foam filled floats and toys that never need to be need to be inflated, can't be popped and won't water-log. Also you won't believe the size some of some of today's giant inflatable pool toys.

There's also an ever-growing selection of pool safety devices now to make your backyard a safer place. New high-tech components are cordless, easy set up and will sound the alarm if a child should make it into your pool area when you aren't around. Then if they should make it to the water and actually get it, there are floating devices now to detect their movements in the water and sound the alarm for yet one more layer of safety.

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