What to Consider When Buying a Pool Filter Cartridge System

by Pool Builders on 09-28-2009 in Articles

People love their swimming pools. They offer save family fun. It can be used to entertain guests during summer barbecues. Many people are extremely satisfied with their swimming pool purchase.

However, the area where people find frustrating with their pools is cleaning. They can be such a chore that many families choose to disassemble their pools once their children grow up and their house becomes an empty nest. Despite investing thousands of dollars into their pool, the maintenance is such a burden that they decide to trash their purchase.

This is a big reason why you should be very careful when buying a filter system for your pool. Most people just pay attention to the fun stuff - what design to get, how big, where to put it, what type of diving board, etc. Unfortunately, despite being an extremely important decision the filter system is usually an afterthought. Here are some things to consider.

One big mistake that people make is that they buy the smallest pool filter system available. This is because it is usually the cheapest. People are often spending a good deal of money on a pool. Funds are usually limited and consumers are very likely to spend it on aesthetics rather than something no one will see. But how often a pool filter cartridge needs to be changed is partially based on how much work it does. A filter that is relatively larger than the pool it is attached will not have to be maintained as often. So buying a small filter is usually a penny-wise pound-foolish option.

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