What to Consider When Getting Custom Pools Built

by Pool Builders on 11-08-2010 in Articles

Residential swimming pools are no longer just places to cool off during summer or swim a few laps as part of a daily exercise routine. Homeowners are transforming their plain backyards into stunning landscapes by installing these pools. Custom pools are tailored to homeowner's unique requirements or preferences, allowing a lot of flexibility in the selection of pool size, shape, ambience and accessories. These swimming pools can accommodate challenging yard landscapes that are not suitable for the construction of standard pools. These pools enhance the overall aesthetics and value of the home. A property with such a pool is also likely to fetch a good resale price.

What to keep in mind when getting custom pools built


Budget is an obvious consideration. As a rule of thumb, you should consider some important aspects. Check the nationwide average pool cost with a + or - 20% variance for your area. This way you will get an idea about the approximate costs of getting the pool built. To this price, add the cost of extras and embellishments such as lighting, fountains, infinity edges, tanning ledges and so on. Remember that the greater the accessorization, the more the overall costs. Pool size and water depth also determine pool costs. For shallower depths, the costs are lower as the excavation and concrete needed will be less.


Another important consideration is safety and pool access. You should determine who will be using the pool and safety measures that align well with the pool design. The water depth can be adjusted based on whether the pool will be primarily used by adults or children as well. Once you have figured out such nitty-gritties, you can get down to the aesthetics and levels of accessorization required.

Design and ambience

You can choose any pool design and make your pool stand out in your neighborhood. There are several possibilities- for a formal and tasteful look, you can opt for tiled walls and waterfalls. For a tropical ambience, rocks and foliage can be combined. If your home or property in located in the countryside and the view from the backyard consist of trees, mountains, then you can consider a pool with a vanishing edge. Also known as an infinity edge pool, it creates a visual effect of the pool water 'vanishing' into infinity or extending into the horizon.

If you are planning to make the pool an exclusive kids' zone, then you can create the ambience of a water park with slides and diving boards. For a classier look and feel, a fire pit in the surrounding pool area or a mini spa will really hit the spot.

Compare different custom pool designers, looking at the prices, catalogue of work, experience and reputation. Also make sure that the construction codes and regulations are adhered to. Professional pool builders generally provide a blueprint of the pool design and specifications, so don't rush into a decision without giving the matter a second thought. Custom pools don't exactly come cheap, so make sure that you make a worthwhile investment.

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