What to Do When the Suns Sets on Crete  

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The perfect antidote to a lazy day hanging out at your villa with pool, is Crete nightlife. There is a massive variety of things to do around the island when the sun has set. All over the island there are nocturnal activities aimed at those who want a cultural evening out, a romantic date night or a night of partying through to the dawn. When the sun has gone to bed for the day, Crete is just getting going.

Crete offers complete tranquillity by day, whether you are discovering the ruins of ancient Crete, visiting quaint villages, or lazing around your villa with pool. Crete by night however, offers visitors a vibrant variety of nocturnal experiences. There are diverse bars, clubs, restaurants and live entertainment awaiting you in several locations scattered throughout the island. From traditional Greek tavernas and folk dancing, to harbourside bars and restaurants, there is something for everyone when the sun sets over the island.

Romance Cretan Style

After a tough day of taking in the sun and swimming at the beach or your villa with pool, Crete ups the ante and provides you with options galore. For a romantic evening out under the Mediterranean sky, visit the charming town of Hania. It is a local tradition to go for a "volta" in the early evening - which is an evening stroll meandering with no fixed destination in mind. After this, you might fancy a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride down to the town's harbour, where you can sample some local fare. At different times throughout the year you can also find films being screened outdoors in the public parks.

Traditional Crete by Night

While visiting Crete you have to see live Cretan music being performed: it is a maelstrom of music and energy. The main instrument is the lyra, which is a three stringed violin-like instrument. The lyrics that accompany the live songs are often funny and deal with love, nature and affairs of the day. The lyrics are often ad-libbed by the singers and may make fun of people in the audience or band. The tavernas of Rethimnon and Chania are the best places to hear traditional Cretan music being played. There are also plenty of Cretan folk dances that are performed locally too and are often based on war dances or wedding dances. Combined with the traditional costumes, the dances are an exciting visual display.

Party Like a Local

Crete is often referred to as one of Greece's party islands, so if you are looking for somewhere to party the night away, you will be spoiled for choice. There are loads of themed bars and nightclubs around the island, but the best known spots are at Heraklion and Agios Nikloas. Make sure you pack your most comfortable dancing shoes as generally things really get going around 1am and continue until dawn. In fact, the locals really know how to throw a party.

In order to recover from an evening out, hang out and recharge the batteries on a deck chair at your villa with pool. Crete has some excellent villas that come with beautiful swimming pools that are just perfect for soaking up the Mediterranean rays. But don't worry, if you have spent the day lounging around your villa with pool, Crete serves it all up again once you have recovered. From traditional music and dance to upmarket clubs for the visiting Athenians, you will find something that tickles your fancy.

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