What to Expect After the First Few Swimming Lessons Your Baby Has  

by Pool Builders on 03-19-2014 in Articles

After your child has been to a few swimming lessons, it may be time for them to learn a bit more about the pool itself. The first lesson is generally mainly about playing games, blowing bubbles and playing tig in the water. If your child is not particularly confident yet, they need to continue doing this for a little while longer. Make sure that you practice with your child in the bath or at any other opportunity you have as well. However, once they do feel more confident, they will also be ready to learn a few other things.

Floating Techniques

Children will often first be taught how to float. Most swimming pools will use floaters to do this, allowing kids to hold those with their hands. At a later stage, they will hold the floaters between their legs, which is a more strenuous exercise. Children need to be able to float on both their back and their front. Very often, swimming lessons will start with a quick floating sessions, to allow the instructor to assess whether kids have improved.

The Kick

Next, kids will learn how to kick and how this helps propel them through the water. The kick is the basis of various swimming strokes, and one of the easiest to figure out so most lessons will start with this movement. Kids will generally first hold on to the side of the pool and will be told to kick to make a massive splash, alternated with kicks that are just as hard, but don't splash as much. Once they have figured that one out, they will be provided with floats, so they can see how the second type of kick will actually make them go through the water. This is a movement they will have to practice both on their fronts and on their backs, in preparation of the front and back stroke.

Generally, this type of exercise will continue for many lessons, interspersed with periods where they practice the kick without holding on to a float. They will slowly but surely move from the shallow pool to the deep pool, and finally also to the deep end of the deep pool. This is an exciting moment, because once they are able to do a full 25 meters by kicking, they are basically ready to swim completely. This is a proud moment in the life of any parent, as well as in the life of the child, so make sure you shower them with praise at every step of the way.

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