What to Expect From Your Baby’S Very First Swimming Lessons  

by Pool Builders on 03-19-2014 in Articles

If you are ready to take your baby to their very first swimming lesson, you may worry about what to expect. Luckily, there is absolutely nothing to worry about and your child is bound to have a fantastic time. Naturally, you should have already checked out the swimming pool and the instructor, so you do have a general idea about how the lessons take place.

The Instructor

A good instructor will have planned the lesson properly first. One way to tell whether they have done this is if they come to you after the first lesson and not only give you feedback on how your child did, but also ask you for feedback about them. They need to get to know your child and understand the particulars of their behaviour. For instance, you may already know that your child is scare about getting their face wet, which is something the instructor will then be able to work on.

You instructor will generally also have a conversation at the start of the lesson with you about what they will be focusing on that day. This is also beneficial in terms of understanding what sort of things you can do at home with your child in order to make sure they are able to learn how to swim quicker. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Getting Used to Water

Generally, the first lesson is all about playing games. It is designed not so much to teach your child how to swim instantly, but rather to get them to enjoy water and to associate it with a sense of fun. They will often walk or run through water (if they are old enough to do this), as well as catching things in the pool. These activities will give your child a greater understanding of what water feels like and how they can move about with the resistance the water puts on them.

Blowing Bubbles

One of the most important games your child will get to play is blowing bubbles. This is so they will learn to breathe through their mouth, which is vital in swimming. Interestingly, swimming is one of the only sports where you need to breathe through your mouth, which is why this technique is so important to learn. Blowing bubbles is also a lot of fun, particularly if they can use different tools, such as straws, to do this. Again, this is something you can take home with you to practice as well.

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