What to Look For When Booking a Holiday at Seychelles Resorts  

by Pool Builders on 12-13-2014 in Articles

Seychelles is a beautiful island location in the Indian Ocean. This area is made us of one hundred and fifty five islands and is located more than one thousand miles from the coast of Africa.

The islands welcome thousands of travellers on an annual basis looking for that exotic island escape, enjoying the underwater reefs and exploring the lush green mountain ranges. There are a number of accommodation options on the islands from comfortable hotels to five star resorts and more.

There are some important factors to take into consideration when booking at Seychelles resorts. Because the area is broken into so many islands, you want to ensure you book on an island that can provide you with a complete holiday experience from a host of outdoor activities to an opportunity to soak up the history and culture of the area.

The first step is to choose a Seychelles resort on the main island of Mahe. Mahe is the biggest island and is also the most visited. This island offers a host of activities, sights and attractions to take advantage of, ensuring you experience an all-round island adventure whether you choose to relax on the white sandy beaches all day or you want to try something a little more fun such as shopping at the markets or heading to the top of one of the mountains to enjoy the panoramic views.

The next step to booking at Seychelles resorts is to determine the accommodation on offer. Most resorts will offer you a choice of accommodation deals to suit your budget from king size rooms to luxurious suites and penthouse suites. Having this option enables you to travel within your budget and enjoy the accommodation to suit your immediate requirements.

Ensure the Seychelles resort you choose offer a range of dining options. Not all locations are easily accessible to towns, so you will want to ensure that you aren't stuck eating the same thing day in and out. The Seychelles cuisine is very fish orientated, but having a choice of restaurants lets you try a variety of dishes while on holiday on this beautiful island. Of course in-room service is always an added advantage after a full day of exploring the underwater world of the exotic reefs surrounding the islands.

A swimming pool is an absolute must when staying on the islands. The island enjoy a very hot summer and a dip in the pool after a day at the beach or before dinner is always a welcome opportunity. The pool should be well-maintained and clean and provide you with ample swimming space, catering to all their guests.

If you're travelling as a family, you may want to ensure that the Seychelles resorts you are looking at offer the convenience of a kids club. Kids club not only ensures the children are entertained, but also provides you with the ability to spend an afternoon being pampered at the spa with peace of mind that your children are well cared for.

Ideally when staying in a five star resort you want the convenience of an on-site spa where you can relax and enjoy a day of pampering, as you let all your worries wash away during your holiday. The resort should also offer the convenience of a fitness centre, especially if you want to ensure that seeing you're spending your time lying by the pool or on the beach, you can get your half an hour of cardio exercise in while on holiday.

Finally, the location, access to other areas and the proximity to the airport should all be considerations to take into consideration, ensuring you get to explore all the island has to offer during your stay.

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