What to Look For in Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 04-13-2010 in Articles

There are several ways of cleaning your swimming pool but the easiest and most efficient is with automatic swimming pool cleaners. There are basically three types of these cleaners; suction, pressure and robotic. There are manual units available but they aren't nearly as efficient as the automatic ones that are available. These make the perfect replacement for old manual cleaners that require a water hose and in many cases a telescoping handle to even attempt to get to the center of your pool. They are usually a no mess cleaner that simply requires you to attach it to one of the sides of your pump and drop it in your pool.

Sometimes residential pools get dirtier than commercial ones. This is because residential pools are not used nearly as often as public pools. All of the activity in a public pool keeps the debris stirred up and allows the filtration system to filter it from the water during the circulation process. Inactivity in residential pools allows the debris to settle to the bottom of the pool. This requires the pool to be vacuumed out which in turn requires an automatic pool cleaner to remove it. Manufacturers like Intex and Polaris make them in different sizes to fit any size pool.

When you are shopping for automatic swimming pool cleaners start by setting down a strict budget. Some of them can be expensive especially if you opt for a robotic unit. Your budget should be the top priority when considering any style of pool cleaner. After figuring out your budget you can begin shopping for something within that price range. Just because you can spend $300 doesn't mean you should! You will want to choose a cleaner that is going to be sufficient to handle the job so consider how often the pool is used and the size of the pool.

To determine which cleaner is best for you pool search the internet for automatic swimming pool cleaners. Find one that will operate on the least amount of energy for the best price. These are usually going to be the suction or pressure units. A suction unit uses the intake side of your pools filtration system to pull the debris into the filter and clean it before pumping it back out into your pool. A pressure unit used the exhaust side of your filtration system to create a vortex around a small bag on the end of the unit. The debris is forced into the bag which is removable and reusable.

Finally visit some of your local retailers to see what is available. The prices will depend on the size of cleaner you choose as well as the brand and type. Some retailers carry robotic cleaners which uses features from both a suction and a pressure cleaner. They are the most efficient but their prices are much more sizable. They are not recommended for pools that have infrequent activity because they utilize more energy than any of the other styles that are available.

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