What to Look for When Procuring Aluminum Fences?  

by Pool Builders on 07-24-2012 in Articles

For adherence to quality norms, you need to source aluminum fences from manufacturers of repute. They have the ability to meet the complete design requirements by combining stringent quality control and top-of-the-line equipment with the best raw material. They will deliver full spectrum of aluminum fences.

People prefer aluminum fences because they look aesthetic yet are strong and affordable. If you want a stylish fence that fits well for security as well, you'd prefer aluminum fences. You can choose from multiple designs to suit your preference.

You need to zero in on a manufacturer that has a highly advanced facility for manufacturing aluminum fences which conform to custom applications. They should be known for quality and flexibility, dealing in high grade aluminum. All structural components must be made from high strength alloys which are known for superior strength, corrosion resistance and durability.

Manufacturers of repute also make sure that their own domestic aluminum suppliers conform to the highest standards for metal quality as well as dimensional and wall size tolerances. Their products will be finished with a super durable powder coating which would adhere to AAMA 2604 criteria. Such a coating will have performance characteristics for color uniformity, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and specular gloss.

Established manufacturers have flexible production line system that allows them to manufacture products that conform to the requirements of the clients. They can produce aluminum fences for architectural grade and commercials projects, producing custom dimensions, section widths and off-angle mounting plates.

Noted suppliers will possess the unique ability to meet the complete design needs for engineers as well as architects. They will deliver a finished aluminum fence that will be best-of-the-breed. Stringent quality control, best raw material and top-of-the-line equipment and processes will ensure production of the fence you will be proud to use.

Standard colors will usually be black, bronze, white and green although the manufacturers will be willing to paint custom colors for the clients. However, getting custom colors on the smaller project may be cost prohibitive.

Choice of aluminum fence depends on its end use. Most popular fence is the residential line which is suitable for residential swimming pools, garden fencing or perimeter fencing. There is light commercial fence which is ideal for applications where the fence is a vital component in the design. Industrial fences are suitable for playgrounds, municipal buildings, office parks, parks, public swimming pools and other such uses.

Manufacturers who are confident of their products will be willing to provide adequate warranty on their fences. It could be from a few years to lifetime warranty. Usually, the manufacturers will clearly mention that the product must not be used in any other way other than the intended use. Warranty serves in allaying the fears of the clients regarding product quality.

An aluminum fence could meet safety standards, yet wrong installation could result in failure at final inspection. So you need to make certain that your contractor is an expert in pool fence installations. They must be well versed with the local laws regarding the pool fence, so that these are factored in the procurement and installation.

Reliable manufacturers will provide aluminium fencing [http://www.vanguardaluminumfences.com/gates-overview.php] in competitive prices. Recognizing the cost restrictions of the clients, they will supply the fences in the least possible prices. They will also ensure the timely delivery of the products as well.

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