What you must know about shower filters.  

by Pool Builders on 05-13-2008 in Articles

Over the past decade, shower filters have become increasingly popular among people who want their hair and skin to look better.

Well made shower water filters block chlorine and balance pH, and people notice softer hair and skin, almost immediately.

Chlorine is a harsh chemical that robs the hair and the skin of its natural oils. Those oils protect hair from breaking and skin from cracking. Hair dressers and dermatologists have been recommending shower filters for a long time, but recent research indicates that the health benefits are even more important than the cosmetic ones.

There are about 2100 different cancer causing chemicals in tap water. When you close the bathroom door and turn on the hot water, steam starts to fill the air. These chemicals in the water become air borne as well. Without shower water filters, you are inhaling those chemical vapors and they enter your blood stream even faster than they would have if you had drank the water.

The FDA says that nearly every house in the United States has chloroform gas in the air. Chloroform gas is vaporized chlorine which can cause dizziness and fatigue.
Shower filters trap the chlorine and other chemicals before they get into the air. Chemical odors trigger asthma and allergy attacks. Some people are more sensitive than others. Shower water filters are the solution.

Swimming pool experts have known for years that chlorine triggers asthma attacks. The level of the chlorine in tap water is sometimes higher than what you would find in a swimming pool. Unless you have shower filters, you may as well be bathing in pool water.

The best shower filters are multi-stage units that remove nearly all of the harmful chemicals, while balancing the mineral content and ph. They are simple to install. Some models come with pulsating jets and hand held heads. They can also be used for filling the tub.

An alternative to shower water filters is the whole house filter, but whole house filters are more expensive, at least initially. You have to factor in the cost of purchasing shower filters for every bathroom, plus one for the kitchen tap and of course, replacement filters. It could balance out, depending on the size of your home.

Just make sure that you do not choose a reverse osmosis system. They are being touted as the latest technology, but they've been around for at least fifty years. They are used to de-mineralize water and trap fairly large particles at water treatment facilities. They do little to block the chemicals.

The latest technology in shower water filters is the multi-stage design. They include activated carbon filters, derived from coconut shell, so they are natural and safe for the environment. During the secondary filtering stage, water passes through a filter made of natural minerals. This dual system blocks more chemicals than any other.

When you go to buy shower filters, take the time to learn about the system. It will be worth your effort.

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