When And Why Swimming Lessons For Children Should Be Just As Routine As Signing Up For School  

by Pool Builders on 11-15-2012 in Articles

When it comes to enrolling your children in school, every parent knows that this is not a step that can be skipped; children are required to go to school and get an education. If learning to read and write is of utmost importance, should it not be equally (if not more) important to enrol our children in classes that teach them to save their own lives? Swimming lessons for children are far undervalued and underestimated and it's time that their importance be made known.

Every year children are drowning or being critically injured by water during family outings, a day at the pool, and other events that should be fun. So many of these deaths could be prevented if parents would take the time to enrol their children in swimming classes that teach children to be comfortable in the water and how to rescue themselves should the need arise.

When Should I Enrol My Child?

While parents are encouraged to begin swimming lessons with their babies as young as four months, it is never too late to teach your child water safety and proper swimming techniques. More and more classes are becoming available that teach even the youngest infants basic self-rescue techniques such as immediately rolling to their back when in water as well as holding their breath when submerged, rather than inhaling water. Check with your local pools as well as online to see what types of classes are available and at what ages they begin teaching.

How Do I Find a Class?

An online search in your local area will provide you with classes and schedules for pools near you. You'll be able to find information about the pools themselves, the classes they offer, and how to contact them for more information or to enrol. Many local fitness centres offer swimming classes for children and a five minute stop could make all the difference in your child's life.

What Are The Major Benefits?

Aside from teaching your child self-rescue techniques, which are the most important aspect of these classes, swimming is good for many different things.

With infants, swimming lessons cause them to become aware of their surroundings which has been said to stimulate learning abilities and creativity. Infants in a pool are also able to gain better control of their motor skills as well as gain confidence in the water. Swimming lessons also teach strength and stamina and make a great physical outlet for children as well as for keeping them healthy. Children will learn proper breathing techniques, how to be comfortable in the water, and how to remain calm should an emergency arise.

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