When Is The Right Time To Build A Pool Structure On Your Property?

by Pool Builders on 07-30-2012 in Articles

Most people would advise you to wait until spring to begin work on a pool structure in your yard because, hopefully, the bad weather of winter will have eased off by then. Even though this only gives you three months or so before the onset of summer, you'll just have to keep your fingers crossed that the structure is finished in time.

There are a number of risks, however, associated with waiting until the end of the year for getting started on your pool structure project - once the mercury reaches a certain temperature, it is deemed to hot for some construction tasks to be completed. For example, lime and cement mortars (which are used to anchor your structure to the ground) dry up much too quickly in the heat, which leaves them weak and brittle. Contractors will refuse to work if it becomes too hot - they don't want to be held responsible for you being crushed whilst swimming in your pool.

There are a number of other misconceptions associated with getting your pool structure installed in spring and summer, including:

  • It's drier. This is not necessarily true. Some years, we have drier winters than we do summers.
  • The contractor can work longer hours. Again, this is not true. The contractor will work the same amount of hours in summer that they do in winter. Yes, the light lasts longer in summer, but this doesn't mean your contractor will stay back until 8 or 9pm to finish.
  • Avoiding frost. Whilst frost can pose potential damage to the mortaring of your project, we don't actually get too many frosty mornings in this part of the state.

The answer, then, seems to be to wait until summer is drawing to a close and autumn is just beginning before commencing work on your pool structure project. This side of summer, the weather is still fine enough to spend your days outdoors but not so hot that you cannot safely get any work done. Whilst the thought of living through one more summer with the searing sun beating down on your children as they paddle in the water is a painful one, at least it will ensure that your structure will be long lasting for many years to come.

Really, there is no "right" time to install a pool structure in your yard - all you can do is pick a time of the year that you hope will provide suitable weather for the completion of your project. In these cases, autumn and late winter to early spring tend to afford the best weather conditions for getting your contractor out in your yard. You may even find it easier to book an installation during autumn when most people aren't thinking about the next swimming season yet.

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