When Is a Good Time to Enroll Your Child for Swimming Lessons?  

by Pool Builders on 11-18-2014 in Articles

In USA, where the drowning rate of children between four and six years of age is the maximum, it's a paramount for every kid to know how to swim. Swimming is one of the basic life skills, which offer children an opportunity to build self-confidence, master a fun-activity, and learn a vital life-saving competence. Well, do you know how young is too young to learn how to swim? If you wish to present your baby a good splashing time, swimming classes for babies is the best place. Here, the most obvious question that comes to your mind is €When's the good time to enroll my baby for swimming lessons?€

When it comes to enrolling in formal swimming classes, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the kid should reach the age of four years to be eligible to join/enrol for swimming classes. However, infants and toddlers younger than four can also be taken into the pool. The best way to achieve it is finding a good "parent and tot" swimming program. This would help your baby to get familiar with water, develop comfort, and have fun inside the water. You will be able to explore water with the toddler and have fun. As soon as your tot is six months old, you can join a parent-and-child class, popularly known as "mommy and me" program.

Did you know this?
A 6-18 months baby can explore the water and start to feel comfortable inside the pool, can also perform basic kicking & pulling movements, and has the ability to learn floating, gliding, blowing bubbles, changing directions, and getting in & out of the water with the trainer's help. Six months to one year old baby can float and splash in the water with more comfort and has the ability to respond to fun activities inside the pool. A toddler till 3-4 years of age can kick legs and vigorously splash arms inside the water. After the age of five, a child can be enrolled in the formal swimming classes for kids. According to pediatric studies, children can learn to swim well around the age five-and-a-half, no matter when they start learning to swim. However by the age of six, they can start learning proper swimming strokes under adult supervision.
Things to be cautious about

A warm pool
Relatively small class (not more than 10-12 pairs)
Plenty of room available to play in the pool
Make sure that your baby is in your arms or in the arms of the instructor
Always keep your baby's head above water

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